Good health starts on the inside

Contact Dermitis

After 10 years of battling contact Dermitis, I had concluded that this was how l would live the rest of my life, with painful debilitating hands so bad sometimes that l struggled with everyday tasks. And to say the least this was causing me to feel very low.

It didn’t start like this, it started after the birth of my first child, a bit of Dermitis under my ring, nothing to worry about, an over the counter cortisol cream and l could use would be fine……oh how wrong l was.

As the years went on it slowly spread in between my fingers then on to the next finger then onto the next hand until most of my fingers looked like swollen sausages cracked and bleeding and frigging hurting. They weren’t always that bad but far from good. The cortisol creams got stronger and l must have spent thousands of dollars trying every cream and remedy suggested and visiting doctors and specialist. The last Dermatologist l saw suggested l give up work get a nanny and cleaner and l might have a chance to get rid of it! I’m not sure what planet she lived on, but it wasn’t mine. These are just some things l tried - wrapping my hands in glad wrap to sleep, wearing cotton gloves, emu oil, calendula, chemist creams and moisturisers, soap free products, cortisol, antifungal medication, skin allergy testing and finally when my immunologist said you need to take immune suppressant drugs l freaked out and thought no this can not be right.

And finally, l was right, through a detailed consultation with a nutritionist we found l had gut dysbiosis and being guided with dietary changes and supplemental support my hands started to clear up. Although it didn’t take long for the inflammation to settle down, it wasn’t an over night fix l had to make changes and with these changes came the healing of my gut and therefore my hands.

I learnt some powerful lessons during this journey

A. there is no such thing as a quick fix or magic pill/ potion

B. That all health starts on the inside

C. that food is medicine

D. I had to learn more

This is my story and l know that there are many others with similar stories if you are at this point or never want to get to this please contact me.

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