My interest in nutrition began after spending 10 years exhausting the advice of numerous GP’s, dermatologist’s and immunologist’s in search of a treatment for my chronic contact dermatitis. 


After being given cortisol creams and other medications I was convinced there must be another way.


And there was.


Looking what I put into my body and what it needed, the solution was there in front of me. Through nutrition I healed my gut from the inside out.




Kylie Dowling Qualified Nutritionist Sydney Northern Beaches

Qualified Nutritionist

Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine, ATMS

My name is Kylie Dowling and I have a passion for nutrition. I am married and a mother of 3 children ranging from primary school to high school, living in Mona Vale, on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

I understand the importance to nourish not only myself but my family. Working in the Child Care industry for over 10 years (accredited with a Certificate III in Child Care).

Understanding the confusion around fad diets and feeding fussy eaters, I am passionate about food as medicine and educating to get back on track.  Especially when life gets so busy and packaged and processed foods seem like a quick and easy go to in our fast paced lives. Now I can help people become aware of how food impacts our health and wellbeing.